Established in 2015, Foundation Tamar’s purpose is to work with women and girls survivors of Sexual Violence – specifically within the Democratic Republic of The Congo (DRC, D.R. Congo). Our general activities include workshops and coaching courses on personal development heavily focusing on Story-Telling as a form of healing for survivors. Over the years we have toured institutions across Europe, Asia and Africa to discuss Consent Culture and the empowerment of vulnerable women. 


Genital lesions, traumatic fistulae, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV) result from Sexual and Gender-based Violence. They render survivors marginalised, abandoned, and most times despised by families and communities at large in The DRC. We believe we have a responsibility to create radical change for women and girls who have faced these traumas.

In 2019, we acquired land in Kinshasa, Congo (a place often described as the “rape capital of the world”) for the construction of our clinic where we are to provide emotional, psychological, and physical care to support survivors. Grants and sponsorships from companies such as Vodafone and Barclays Bank as well as public crowdfunding made it possible to realise a huge part of our vision.

Our main objectives for the clinic are to: